Our unique pipeline of immunotherapies addresses two of the biggest unmet medical needs worldwide – cancer and infectious diseases.

With a primary focus on discovery and early development, we are building on a simple and scalable business model with manageable risk. We intend to expand our current pipeline both within cancer and infectious diseases, and into other disease areas as we continue to explore new frontiers in AI-immunology.

The predictive power of our AI platforms rely our ability to process and interpret vast amounts of data, a process known as computational immunology. Using our in silico AI models, we are able to transform such data into advanced algorithms that we believe can accurately predict cellular interactions within the immune system and identify the right targets that will stimulate a relevant response. To translate our predictions into product candidates, we test multiple delivery modalities and move the most promising forward. This process allows us to discover unique drug candidates and to move them into the clinic without expending time and resources on clinical development of candidates that may ultimately fail to produce a therapeutic or prophylactic response.

Evaxion Chart Pipeline