We transform the discovery and development of immunotherapies in oncology and infectious diseases using proprietary, cutting-edge, integrated AI platforms.

Company Highlights

Ground-breaking AI platforms

  • PIONEER identifies neoepitopes most likely to generate a profound anti-cancer immune response based on de novo T-cell activation
  • EDEN identifies highly protective vaccine antigens to address bacterial resistance
  • RAVEN, a rapid response platform that discovers optimal vaccine targets for an emerging viral disease, such as COVID-19

Decoding the immune system to discover highly effective therapeutic targets

  • AI platforms with deep insight into biological processes yield enhanced targets
  • Enhanced therapeutic targets potentially lower the attrition rate in drug development
  • Broad application potential of AI platforms in autoimmune diseases, allergy and microbiome indications

Robust pipeline in oncology and infectious diseases

  • 2 Phase 1/2a candidates targeting several cancers
  • Multiple candidates in development
  • Rapid expansion of pipeline leveraging a standardised approach to discovery and development