Decoding the immune system to develop novel immunotherapies

We are an AI-immunology platform company using our proprietary artificial intelligence technology, engineering expertise and drug development know-how to simulate the human immune system and generate predictive models to identify and develop unique immunotherapies for patients.

Drug discovery and clinical development using historically prevailing techniques is a long, costly process with a high attrition rate. We believe our proprietary AI-immunology platform technologies, trained to translate vast amounts of data into a deep understanding of biological processes in the human body, can be harnessed to rapidly and cost effectively design and develop powerful immunotherapies, thereby revolutionizing the process of drug discovery and development.


AI-immunology core


Pioneer image


PIONEER is our proprietary AI platform for the rapid discovery and design of patient-specific neoepitopes used to derive immuno-oncology therapies. It has been shown that neoepitopes, which arise from patient-specific tumor mutations, play a critical role in T-cell mediated antitumor immune response.

We believe our proprietary in silico AI models within PIONEER enable us to efficiently identify and select those neoepitopes that will generate a de novo T-cell response potentially leading to significant antitumor effect in each patient. Combining these neoepitopes with a purposefully selected delivery modality believed to potentially enhance efficacy. Our goal is to design and deliver our immunotherapies to patients, effectively training their immune systems to target and kill cancer cells with no or very limited adverse effects on healthy non-cancer cells.


  • Identification of Therapeutic Neoepitopes: Better anti-tumor effect correlating with de novo T-cell activation
  • Speed: Identifies neoepitopes within 24 hours from receipt of patient biopsy sequencing data
  • Identification of Therapeutic Patient-Specific Neoepitopes: Unique to patients’ cancer based on HLA subtype
  • Identification of Multiple Neoepitopes: Increase therapeutic effect and overcome clonal heterogeneity and tumor immune escape issues
  • Strong Clinical Applicability: In accordance with GAMP5 and compliant with cGMP
  • Potential for Repeat Use Over Lifetime of Patient’s Cancer Treatment: Targets emerging cancer clones
  • Favorable Safety Profile: Deselects harmful neoepitopes limiting off target effects
  • Continuous Improvement: Incorporates ongoing data and new features to increase predictive power


EDEN is our second AI platform that rapidly identifies novel, highly protective antigens for the use in pathogen-specific prophylactic vaccines against bacteria. EDEN has been designed to rapidly identify those antigens that will trigger a robust protective immune response against almost any bacterial infectious disease. In addition, EDEN redesigns identified antigens to optimize their antigenic and structural properties as well prepare them for production, which allow us to move antigen candidates into the clinic far faster than traditional, vaccine discovery approaches.

EDEN has been pre-clinically validated in seven different pathogens in mouse infection models, and we believe our approach can be used to target almost any bacterial infection and rapidly enables the discovery and development of vaccine candidates.


  • Highly Efficient and Reduced Attrition: Predicts protective vaccine antigens with great precision
  • Identification of Novel and Unbiased Targets: Identifies underlying feature patterns enabling discovery of novel vaccine targets
  • Data Driven Precision: AI-based identification of novel targets and filters irrelevant proteins reducing burden on pre-clinical development
  • Ability to Provide Broad Protection: Leverages genomic sequencing data to identify targets or domains present in clinical strains
  • Optimizes Antigen Design: AI models optimize antigenic and structural properties and allows for ease of production
  • Speed: Completes antigen discovery in as little as 48 hours and identifies vaccine candidates in weeks
  • Scalability: Can be applied in the discovery of vaccine candidates in almost any bacterial infectious disease


RAVEN is our third proprietary AI platform that brings our unique, machine learning approach to vaccine design and development for viral diseases. RAVEN combines the essential AI tools from our PIONEER platform with structural bioinformatic tools from EDEN to arrive at a novel potent T- and B-cell vaccine design for emerging and mutating viral diseases.


  • Promiscuous T-cell Epitopes: Provides high coverage of the entire immunological diversity of the human population
  • Multiple Hits on Target: Effectively targets same infected cells and curtails spread of infection via combination of potent epitopes in one vaccine
  • Coverage of Entire Viral Cycle: T-cell epitopes kill infected cells at any stage of the viral replication cycle
  • Mutation Proof: Strain covered by >5 conserved T-cell epitopes reduces effect of mutation on vaccine efficacy
  • Neutralizing Focused: Protein antigen design for generation of neutralizing antibodies
  • Broadly Applicable: Platform approach applies to any known virus