Evaxion has developed two unique artificial intelligence platforms, PIONEER and EDEN
disrupting the drug discovery process

Our two platforms utilize and integrate the power of neural networks, big data, and supercomputing to identify the most suitable targets for immunotherapies targeting cancer and infectious diseases.

Evaxion Biotech is pioneering discovery of prophylactic vaccines and therapeutic antibodies using Artificial Intelligence.

Our two platforms, PIONEER and EDEN, utilize and integrate the power of artificial intelligence, big data and supercomputing to rapidly discover efficacious vaccines at almost no cost. The technologies have been programmed to identify the most suitable targets for vaccines and antibodies in one platform, enabling more accurate and prompt discovery of novel antigens and epitopes.


PIONEER is Evaxion’s immuno-oncology platform focused on developing personalized cancer immunotherapies. It uses sophisticated algorithms to identify and select those neoepitopes (tumor-specific mutations) that are most likely to generate a profound anti-cancer immune response. The newly identified neoepitopes are then applied in a therapeutic immunization strategy which delivers personalized, synthetic neoepitopes to patients.

Evaxion has improved the prediction power of PIONEER to supersede current, state-of-the-art technologies. PIONEER is utilized to build a unique pipeline of personalized cancer immunotherapies using different delivery modalities.


EDEN has the ability to identify novel protein antigens that trigger robust, protective immune responses against a broad range of pathogen sub-strains in a matter of hours.

Taking advantage of the rapid increase in big data from modern, high throughput sequencing studies, EDEN utilizes proteomes from clinically relevant pathogen strains as input. With specialized machine learning methods, EDEN targets immune evasion strategies of bacteria and outputs a list of proteins ranked by their capability to induce both a comprehensive and defensive immune response.

This groundbreaking technology can be applied in the discovery of novel antigens against serious infectious diseases, and can help bring novel vaccines and antibodies to patients at an unprecedented rate.

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