Evaxion Biotech is located at Copenhagen Bioscience Park, Denmark. Preclinical development is performed in collaboration with leading labs at medical schools in Copenhagen and Boston, USA.


Evaxion is building on a simple and scalable business model with manageable risk. Evaxion’s core capabilities are bioinformatics, early vaccine and antibody development and building alliances. Evaxion implemented an ambitious IP strategy and has already gained a strong IP position on vaccines and antibodies with a high unmet medical need.


Evaxion has a strong track record of collaborating with several leading human and veterinary vaccine companies. Evaxion is also collaborating with US academic and Government institutions and has gained support from Defence Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). Collaborations evolve around EDEN Technology with a focus on the development of novel vaccines against human and veterinary infectious diseases.


Evaxion Biotech is pioneering in silico discovery and the development of prophylactic vaccines and therapeutic antibodies. Based on our new ground-breaking in silico vaccine antigen discovery platform EDEN, Evaxion is able to identify novel antigens that elicit a highly cross-protective immune response, thereby overcoming the limitations of state-of-the-art vaccine discovery technologies. EDEN integrates big data, artificial intelligence and supercomputing in one platform, thereby enabling rapid and accurate discovery of novel antigens in any bacterial pathogen.


EDEN targets evasion strategies evolved over thousands of years by bacteria enabling Evaxion to defeat serious bacterial infections by bringing novel highly effective vaccines and antibodies to patients.


  • Evaxion Biotech discovers and develops novel highly and broadly protective vaccines and antibodies with a high unmet medical need against serious infections.


  • Evaxion Biotech has a unique pipeline of highly efficacious vaccines and antibodies discovered by EDEN® Technology, which is an in silico antigen discovery platform integrating big data, artificial intelligence and supercomputing.


  • Evaxion collaborates with leading vaccine companies and institutions on the development of vaccines discovered by EDEN Technology.


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Sabine Molleskov Pedersen

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